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Since 2020 I´m studying photo and media design at the Deutsche POP Munich, in preparation for the Bachelor (Hons) Photography at the University of West London.

Below are a few selected works that I created as part of my studies.

product photography

macro photography

serie on the topics of distance – closeness – moving

distant – disconnected – distress

final exam work – create three fictional covers for the british fashion magazine i-D

„distant“ – „distanziert“

In this street scene there is no one to be seen except for the main subject. The person hides or protects himself behind the facade. Additionally, to emphasize this distancing even more, I depicted the woman in monochrome. It is intended to express the loneliness and loneliness, the feeling of being alone during the pandemic. The hand on the faceplate is intended to illustrate the lack of closeness to other people.

„disconnected“ – „getrennt“

The globe visualizes that we are all connected through our environment. Everything is slightly distorted by the rotation of the globe. This is intended to show how globalization can become a problem today, but also increasingly in the current situation. Man-made borders are blurring, natural barriers such as rivers, mountains or oceans no longer offer protection against the (global) threat posed by a virus. Individuality and personal freedom as we have known them up to now are being lost.

„distress“ – „Bedrängnis“

In times of the pandemic, especially the lockdown, we had to keep a lot of distance from each other. At the same time we had to deal with ourselves a lot, contact with friends, neighbors and sometimes even with our own family was forbidden. Many people got into trouble because they were exposed to loneliness, because they wanted to meet other people and could not or were not allowed to do so. They got into trouble with themselves, with their own thoughts and feelings. The right hand shows the distance to our environment, the left one that focuses on and reduces itself.

photographic experiments

Experimental photographs to broaden my horizons and find new ways to express myself photographically.

Etsy – Shop

Breathtaking landscape shots in panorama format, presented as a high-quality print on PVC rigid foam board, as a gallery print (acrylic glass) or with a metallic frame.

night sky

The night sky and the ancient constellations visible to us.

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